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Housing is a human right. 

Affordable housing doesn't have to be a dream, we're here to help you unlock the doors to what you deserve.

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Why Housing For All?

The affordable housing crisis in Columbus, OH is growing. The economic impact of the pandemic destabilized and displaced families while underscoring the need for us to move boldly toward affordable housing solutions. The City of Columbus is committed to ensuring every resident in Columbus has a safe, decent, affordable place to call home. 

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Everyone Deserves A Happy Home

Councilmember Shayla Favor, chair of the Housing Committee championed the “Housing For All” legislative package, which passed in 2021. The package focuses on dismantling the systems that have perpetuated racism and inequity within housing work to advance fair, affordable housing by protecting renters from income discrimination, providing security deposit payment options, and requiring landlords to provide rent receipts. Housing For All is a community-wide movement to ensure tenants and property owners alike are aware of their rights and are in compliance with this legislation.

gives Renters the following protections and programs:

Your RIGHTS come with PROTECTIONS and help!

If you want to file a complaint against your landlord, reporting them to a trusted nonprofit agency is quick and easy. Sharing what you know doesn’t just help you, it also protects your neighbors.


Up to 180 days in Jail + up to $1,000.00 fine, Court costs,  Restitution.


Click here to report a violation of your housing rights.


Get the help you need with navigating your housing options.  Contact (614) 224-8374.


You have options. Rent Assistance is available for both renters and landlords.  Click here.

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