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Marketing Toolkit

Thank you for your interest in supporting and sharing our rallying cry of "Housing For All!" As a community partner of ours the below marketing assets will make it easy for you to share information related to the Housing For All Initiative. Please check back often as new social media assets are created or even new information for your newsletters. Make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date with us!

Home buyers are taking home keys from sellers_edited.jpg

Website Copy & Captions

Website/Newsletter Copy:

We're excited to support Housing For All, brought to you by Columbus City Council. We believe that housing is a human right. Join us by following Housing For All across social media, or by subscribing at to stay up-to-date!"


We believe that housing is a human right! #HousingForAll #HousingForAllCbus #Housingforall614 #YIMBY #PHIMBY

Social Media Assets

Thank you for being a community partner and supporter of Housing For All. The below link will take you to social media assets that you can download and share on your social media accounts. If you have any questions please email us here. We will be updating that folder frequently. You can also feel free to follow us and repost any of our content!

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