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Everyone Deserves A Happy Home

Councilmember Shayla Favor, chair of the Housing Committee championed the “Housing For All” legislative package, which passed in 2021. The package focuses on dismantling the systems that have perpetuated racism and inequity within housing work to advance fair, affordable housing by protecting renters from income discrimination, providing security deposit payment options, and requiring landlords to provide rent receipts. Housing For All is a community-wide movement to ensure tenants and property owners alike are aware of their rights and are in compliance with this legislation.

Options.Transparency. Dignity.

Councilmember Shayla Favor, Housing Committee Chair

We all deserve safe, stable, and quality housing. This is critical to the stabilization and security of our families.


Quality housing plays a monumental role in our physical and mental health, access to education, economic success, and our overall quality of life. We are dealing with a shortage of affordable and available housing, further exposing the many disparities our residents are facing and the dire tipping point we have reached. 

Yet and still the fact that housing is a human right remains a polarizing hot topic. Our most vulnerable and marginalized communities are at greater risk. This isn't new and it won't disappear right away. 

The original Housing For All package was just the beginning and there is more work to be done. We are continuing our efforts, passing new legislation that will introduce more housing policies and programming for ALL of our residents. 

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“[My property owner] didn’t want to come in and fix anything. He would always say someone’s coming but… they never reply back, they never come. I called City Code Enforcement, they found a lot of violations.”


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